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Turbine Blade Recycling
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Turbine Blade & Vane Recycling

Oryx has extensive experience recycling all EOL, FOD and BER turbine blades, turbine vanes and turbine buckets originating from jet engines and industrial ground turbines (IGT’s). We purchase every type of blade and vane on the market including blades and vanes with zirconium and aluminium-oxide coatings.

Accredited with all major aerospace melters worldwide, Oryx supplies fully processed revert directly to the aerospace melting industry. To learn more about the security and mutilation processes we employ click here.

Oryx Metals is a legitimate path to move all your EOL, FOD and BER aerospace turbine blades and vanes. 

Some of the most common turbine blade and vane alloys we purchase can be found below.

Airfoil Alloys We Recycle: 

Advantages of selling your scrap jet engines to Oryx Metals:

  • We close deals quickly and in person! From the Far East to the Middle East, and all other points on the globe, we strive to close deals in the shortest amount of time possible regardless of the location.

  • We handle all logistics involved in getting the turbine airfoils from your location to ours.

  • Oryx pays the highest prices, with the best terms, in the marketplace for your scrap metals.

  • We are a professional, proven organization, with experienced staff, that strives to meet the demands of our customers.

Oryx guarantees the following security measures will be taken when handling your turbine airfoils:

  • All blades and vanes will follow proper industry recycling channels and no airfoil will enter the secondary marketplace again.

  • The destruction of all scrap turbine parts/components will be in accordance with FAA AC21-43 Appendix E.

  • Our facility will stay under 24-hour video surveillance, with multiple cameras, and the ability to record up to three months worth of footage with our in-house DVR’s.

  • All un-mutilated scrap engine parts will be stored in our secure facilities with 24-hour surveillance recording. 

  • Upon request, we will issue a unique Certificate of Destruction (COD) along with photo and video evidence of the destruction of your aerospace scrap parts.

  • The flexibility to meet the most stringent mutilation/destruction policies. We can even arrange for onsite teams to complete the work at your facility prior to the material(s) being shipped. 

Contact us today:

To obtain pricing for your scrap turbine blades and nozzles, please send photos and location information to

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