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Indium Scrap Recycling
Scrap Indium, Indium Recycling, Indium Solids

At Oryx, we are committed to providing a comprehensive solution for responsible indium recycling. We proudly accept all forms of indium-bearing scrap originating from the electronics and semiconductor industries, regardless of the material type or form.

Our commitment extends beyond simply accepting your scrap. We offer convenient and reliable services for manufacturers, melters, scrap dealers, brokers, and even individuals worldwide.

Indium Materials We Recycle:
Indium Scrap Forms We Recycle:

Additional details about the purchasing and recycling of Indium (In) Scrap materials with Oryx Metals:

  • Oryx purchases all forms of Indium scrap and In contained material worldwide for recycling.

  • We pay the best prices in the industry for Indium scrap and In contained material. We close deals quickly and offer the best terms in the industry. 

  • For Indium Scrap and In containing materials where the In percentage is unknown, we will require a sample to determine the percentage of Indium contained. After analysis, we will offer a purchase price based on the In contained for the entire load or individual lot.

  • Oryx arranges all logistics involved from getting the indium scrap material from your location to ours.

Contact us today:

To obtain pricing for your scrap Indium materials, please send photos and location information to

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