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Turbine Blade Mutilation
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Mutilation of Turbine Parts

Mutilation of Aerospace Turbine Parts

Our Turbine Parts Destruction (TPD) division mutilates all turbine engine parts rendering them unusable in aircraft engines and other aerospace applications. Our process was developed in accordance with FAA AC21-43 Appendix E which outlines the methods and procedures the FAA recommends for the handling, destruction and storage of sensitive aerospace parts and components.

Within the confines of our secure facilities, Oryx uses several FAA approved methods to destroy/mutilate the scrap parts, piece by piece. Although several methods are employed the end result is always the same...a completely unsalvageable part that will never renter the secondary marketplace.

Our Mutilation Program

Features of the program include: 

  • Mutilation will be in accordance to FAA AC 21-43 Appendix E

  • All customer-provided written procedures will be maintained at our facility for a minimum of four years from the last transaction

  • Each mutilation transaction will be verified and documented to ensure compliance to both customer specifications and our own internal procedures

  • Audits of our internal documentation will be carried out on a semi-annual basis

  • Annual review of FAA policy for any changes related to our industry

Additionally, a unique Certificate of Destruction will be provided to our customers for each lot or sorted sub-lot. This Certificate of Destruction certifies that the mutilation and recycling of these materials have been accomplished. Oryx will maintain these records at our facility for a minimum of four years.

Methods we employ to destroy turbine parts and components

Any incoming material that our customers deem “potentially usable” will be mutilated beyond its original use by one of the following methods:

  • Plasma Torch / Arc Air notching or critical gouging

  • Cutting using an Oxy-Acetylene torch

  • Cutting using a chop saw that will deem the part unusable

The mutilation process is closely monitored by our quality control team and each stage is documented with photographic and/or video evidence. The choice of method of mutilation will depend upon the customer’s requirements and specific part size.
Additionally, no un-mutilated material will be left in an unlocked or unattended area at any time.

Special Capabilities

  • Secure facilities under 24/7 video surveillance

  • On-site mutilation available anywhere in the world

  • Custom mutilation

  • Secure transport

  • Industry approved mutilation at modest cost

  • Photographic and video evidence available

  • Individual part traceability by the serial number available

Contact us today:

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