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Scrap Jet Engine Recycling
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Jet Engine Recycling

Oryx Metals recycles scrap jet engines and turbine engines from Pratt & Whitney, General Electric Aviation, Rolls Royce, IAE, CFM, and other leading jet engine manufacturers for scrap metal recycling.


Whether you have one expired engine or several hundred scrap turbines, we can collect them, transport them to our facility, process all parts, and safely recycle all components.

We oversee all logistics involved in transporting scrap turbine engines from your organization to our EPA-approved recycling facility. This makes it easy to recycle your scrap jet engines, no matter where in the world they are currently located.

JT9D Scrap Jet Engine for Recycling

Scrap JT9D Jet Engine - Dubai

CF6-50 Scrap Turbine Engine for Recycling

Scrap CF6 Jet Engine - U.S.A.

JT8D Scrap Jet Engine for Recycling

Scrap JT8D Jet Engines - Ivory Coast

All scrap jet engines are recycled in-house at our facility in the United States. Your scrap jet engines’ parts and components will be recycled through proper channels, and no part or component of your recycled scrap jet engine will ever be made available or resold on the secondary market in any capacity. Click here for more information about our mutilation policy. 

Scrap Jet Engines we Recycle: 

Oryx Metals guarantees the following security measures as they pertain to recycling your scrap jet engines:

  • All scrap jet engine material will go through proper industry recycling channels.

  • No piece, part or component of your scrap jet engine will enter the secondary marketplace.

  • All aerospace parts/components will be destroyed in accordance with FAA AC21-43 Appendix E.

  • A Certificate of Destruction (COD) can be produced for all scrap jet engines.

  • Photo and video evidence of scrap turbine engine destruction available upon request.

Why you should choose Oryx Metals when you need to destroy or recycle a scrap jet engine:

  1. You’ll get an offer fast. From the Far East to the Middle East, and all other points on the globe, we aim to complete deals in the shortest amount of time possible, regardless of where your scrap turbine engines are located.

  2. Your engine will be recycled using the same methods we’ve successfully used for years. We have a proven track record working with leading airlines, MRO facilities, air forces, brokers, and scrap dealers from all over the world.

  3. Your engine will be mutilated in keeping with the latest FAA guidelines. We are accustomed to meeting even the most detailed mutilation/destruction policies.

  4. You don’t need to worry about transportation or other logistics. We will facilitate every step of the process, ensuring your scrap jet engines are safely delivered from your location to ours.

  5. You’re minimizing waste. We use the latest recycling methods to keep the amount of trash that ends up in landfills during the destruction process to an absolute minimum.

  6. Oryx pays the highest prices, with the best terms, in the marketplace for your scrap jet engines.

  7. Since we recycle 100% of the jet engine, we require no trace, logs or additional documentation from you.

  8. We can arrange for onsite teams to complete any necessary preparations at your location, as well as oversee the transportation process - before materials are shipped to us.

We are a professional, proven organization with experienced staff working tirelessly to provide our customers, no matter where they are, with secure, fast and efficient jet engine recycling services and a great value.

Contact us today:

To obtain pricing for your scrap jet engines, please send photos and location information to

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