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Tender Management
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Tender Management Service


Oryx provides scrap tender management service for Militaries, Utility Companies, Airlines, MRO’s, Demolition Companies and Industrial clients around the world. Partnering with Oryx will substantially increase the revenue from the sale of your scrap metal material.


We manage the entire tender from alloy identification to material marketing and even handle all logistics with moving your material to the end buyer. We will also handle all of the other details including sorting/segregating, packaging, weighing and container loading. In combination with our knowledge, experience and extensive industry contacts, we are able to get the highest prices from the best buyers throughout the world.


Oryx can manage your tender (bid), as well as the direct sale of your scrap metal material. Either way, rest assured, you will be receiving the best prices worldwide for your scrap material. We have connections with the best buyers throughout the world for high-temperature, minor metal and aerospace metals. 


Oryx Alloys is unique in the scrap metal recycling industry, as we are a company that solely focuses on the high-temperature metals sector. Thus, we have become very knowledgeable in the metals used in the aerospace, oil & gas, military complex and utility industries. 

We have extensive connections with all major recycling and melting companies around the globe. We understand our material and more importantly, know how to extract the highest value from each material type.

We assure you that if it’s a high-temperature or minor metal, Oryx Alloys knows how to package it, where to sell it and how to ship it

How It Works

We come to you. After we do an initial survey of the material(s) and get all the paperwork squared away, we get to work.

  1. Our first priority is to accurately sort and segregate all of the material according to the alloy type. This is accomplished using handheld XRF analyzers.

  2. Once all the material has been properly identified, we then weigh and package the material according to industry specifications.

  3. Next, we contact our extensive list of buyers and melters from all around the world to invite them to bid on your tender. And now the metals/alloys are classified properly it opens the door to a lot more international buyers. If an international buyer is not allowed to bid on your material due to certain laws or restrictions we will introduce them to a local company to partner with. 

  4. We then are available to assist with reviewing the tenders and offering input or suggestions. 

  5. After the tender is awarded, we load the container and prepare the material for shipping.


  • We will invite the best buyers in the world to bid on your material. 

  • You will receive payment for all the Precious Metals (Gold, Platinum etc.) found in your scrap metal.

  • The material will be sorted and segregated onsite according to alloy type using handheld XRF analyzers.

  • All material will be weighed and packaged according to industry specifications.

  • You'll receive multiple bids from all major buyers throughout the world.


  • Take advantage of Oryx's extensive knowledge of the industry and our long list of contacts.

  • Significantly increase the revenue from your scrap metal tender.

  • Know you’re getting paid top dollar for all of your material.

  • Bypass all the middlemen.


  • All material will follow proper industry recycling channels.

  • No part/component will be sold back into the industry.

  • We only deal with large international buyers and melters.

  • Revenue will increase; we guarantee it!


To learn more about our tender management services please contact us at:


Commercial Services

Tel: +1 404-490-3163

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