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Tender Management
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Tender Management Service


At Oryx, we work with militaries, utility companies, airlines, MROs, demolition companies, and industrial clients across the globe to unlock the true potential of their scrap metal. From the initial identification of your material's exact composition and value to strategic marketing, seamless logistics, and final sale, we handle the entire tender process meticulously, ensuring you receive the highest possible returns.


Our comprehensive service package starts with expert alloy identification, meticulously analyzing your scrap metal to determine its precise composition and value. We then leverage our extensive industry network to find the best buyers worldwide, specifically for high-temperature, minor metal, and aerospace metals. We handle all transportation arrangements, ensuring efficient and cost-effective movement of your material, while meticulously sorting and categorizing it to maximize its value. Professional packaging and weighing guarantee accurate measurements and secure transportation. Throughout the process, we remain transparent, negotiating the best possible prices on your behalf and keeping you informed every step of the way.


Whether you choose our comprehensive tender management service, attracting qualified buyers and securing the highest offer, or opt for our fast and convenient direct sale option, you can rest assured that you're partnering with industry experts. Our team boasts extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with established connections with the top buyers worldwide. This ensures you receive the best possible market access and maximize your scrap metal revenue. Contact Oryx today and discover how we can help you turn your scrap into valuable resources.


Oryx Alloys stands out in the scrap metal recycling industry by exclusively focusing on the high-temperature and minor metals sector. This laser focus has made us deeply knowledgeable in the specific alloys used in aerospace, oil & gas, military, and utility industries.

WOur extensive network connects us with leading recycling and melting companies worldwide. This, combined with our in-depth understanding of each material's unique value, allows us to extract the maximum value for your scrap metal.

Partner with Oryx Alloys, and rest assured:


  • We know your material: From nickel and cobalt to tungsten and molybdenum, we have the expertise to accurately assess and value your high-temperature or minor metals.

  • We know the market: Our global network ensures we find the right buyer at the best price, maximizing your return.

  • We handle the details: We expertly package, ship, and manage the entire process, taking the hassle out of scrap metal recycling.

Don't settle for less than the best. Choose Oryx Alloys for your high-temperature metal recycling needs.

How It Works

At Oryx Alloys, we handle the entire scrap metal recycling process for you, ensuring it's hassle-free and maximizes your return. Here's how:​

1. Initial Assessment & Paperwork:

  • We come to you: Our team visits your site to evaluate your materials and complete the necessary paperwork.

  • Accurate identification: We use handheld XRF analyzers for precise alloy identification, ensuring maximum value.

2. Sorting & Preparation:

  • Meticulous sorting: We meticulously sort and segregate your materials based on alloy type, ensuring industry compliance.

  • Expert packaging: We weigh and package your materials according to industry standards, ready for transportation.

3. Global Buyer Network:

  • Reaching the right buyers: We leverage our extensive network of international buyers and melters, maximizing bidding opportunities.

  • International access: Proper classification opens doors to more international buyers, increasing your return potential.

  • Local partnerships: If restrictions prevent international bidding, we connect you with qualified local partners.

4. Tender Review & Award:

  • Expert guidance: We assist you in reviewing tenders and offer insights to secure the best offer.

  • Seamless logistics: We handle container loading and shipping preparation, ensuring efficient delivery.

Partner with Oryx Alloys and experience a stress-free, maximized scrap metal recycling process.


Unlock the full potential of your scrap: We invite the world's leading buyers to compete for your materials, ensuring you receive the highest possible price.

  • Precise recovery of precious metals: Our advanced XRF analyzers accurately identify and value any gold, platinum, or other precious metals present in your scrap, guaranteeing you receive every ounce due.

  • On-site sorting and segregation: We meticulously sort and categorize your materials by alloy type right at your location, maximizing efficiency and accuracy.

  • Industry-standard packaging: Your materials will be weighed and securely packaged according to international regulations, ensuring safe and compliant transportation.

  • Transparent and competitive bidding: Receive multiple bids from top buyers worldwide, giving you the power to choose the offer that best suits your needs.


  • Leverage our expertise: With Oryx Alloys, you gain access to extensive industry knowledge and a vast network of contacts, ensuring you maximize the value of your scrap metal.

  • Maximize your revenue: Our proven tender management process consistently delivers significantly higher returns compared to traditional methods.

  • Get top dollar, guaranteed: We use advanced technology and market intelligence to ensure you receive the best possible price for every ounce of your material.

  • Cut out the middlemen: Deal directly with a trusted partner, eliminating unnecessary costs and complexities.


  • Guaranteed revenue increase: Our proven methods and global network of large, international buyers and melters consistently deliver significantly higher returns compared to traditional scrap metal sales.

  • Peace of mind: We handle everything transparently and responsibly, so you can focus on your core business.

  • Sustainable practices: We prioritize responsible recycling, ensuring your materials are processed ethically and sustainably.

Contact us today

Ready to unlock the true value of your scrap metal? Contact us today at for a free consultation and discover how our tender management expertise can help you maximize your revenue.

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