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Germanium Scrap Recycling
Scrap Germanium Recycling
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Germanium Scrap Recycling
Scrap Germanium Lenses, Germanium Wafer Recycling, Pure Germanium Solids

Germanium Recycling

With a high refractive index, Germanium is a vital component in many infrared systems, lenses, and windows, as well as a powerful semiconductor.

Many forms of Germanium scrap are difficult to recycle and thus are improperly disposed of. This both produces excess waste and is a major missed opportunity, as owners of Germanium scrap can sell these metals to recycling and processing companies.

Oryx Metals buys and recycles all forms of Germanium materials and Germanium alloy scrap, including broken and damaged optics, sputtering targets, solid chunks of Germanium, solar cells and panels, infrared lenses, LEDs, and glass-clad single-crystal optical fiber.

Scrap Germanium Lenses for Recycling

Scrap Germanium Lenses

Scrap Germanium Wafer for Recycling

Scrap Germanium Wafers

Germanium Scrap

Uncoated Scrap Germanium

Oryx Metals is a trusted industry leader with the experience and ability to recycle the most demanding Germanium scrap streams, including Germanium scraps that are contaminated or bonded by other metals.

Oryx Metals sources Germanium scrap from all over the world and specializes in recycling retired Germanium lenses from militaries around the world, as well as Germanium slurries, sludges and powders from the semiconductor industry.

Germanium Scrap Materials we Recycle: 

  • Germanium Optical Lenses

  • Germanium Target Scrap

  • Germanium Soft Scrap

  • Germanium Oxides

  • Germanium Chunks

Germanium Scrap Froms we Recycle: 

  • Germanium Solids

  • Germanium Powders

  • Germanium Grindings

  • Germanium Sludges

  • Germanium By-Products

  • Germanium Residues

Why choose Oryx Metals to sell and recycle Germanium scrap materials?

  1. You’ll get an offer fast. No matter where in the world your Germanium scrap or Ge contained material is, we aim to complete deals in the shortest amount of time possible.

  2. Oryx arranges all logistics involved from getting Germanium scrap material from your location to ours.

  3. Your Germanium or Ga contained material will be recycled using the same methods we’ve successfully used for years. We purchase, recycle, liberate, and separate Germanium in any form and are proud to offer the best prices in the industry.

  4. You don’t need to worry about transportation or other logistics. We will facilitate every step of the process, ensuring your Germanium scrap material is safely delivered from your location to ours.

  5. You’re minimizing waste. We use the latest recycling methods to keep the amount of trash that ends up in landfills during the recycling process to an absolute minimum.

  6. To ensure you receive the best purchase price possible for your germanium materials, we can analyze provided samples of germanium scrap and Ge contained material to determine the germanium percentage prior to shipping.

Contact us today:

To obtain pricing for your Germanium recyclables, please send photos and location information to, or call us today at +1 404-490-3163.

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