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Tantalum Scrap Recycling – Here’s What You Need to Know

What is Tantalum?

Tantalum (Ta) is a bright, silver-gray, and very hard metal. This chemical element is known for its super high melting point and high density. It is characterized by its outstanding resistance to almost all acids – with the exception being hydro-fluoric acid.

This silver-gray metal snuggles between the other chemical elements such as hafnium, niobium, and tungsten and has the atomic number of 73. it was discovered during the 19th century and was named for Tantalus who is a figure from the Greek Mythology. Tantalus is capable of the standing in knee-deep water, and Tantalum referred to this figure due to its ability to submerge in substances without getting quenched.

Meanwhile, Tantalum has become an increasingly important metal with the advent of the electronic age. It has a huge role in making electronic devices smaller, and it fights corrosion naturally. Its resistance to corrosion is caused by its natural protective layer that is created by its own oxides found on the surface. Even at temperatures lower than 150˚C, it remains extremely stable.

What Are The Uses Of Tantalum?

Tantalum plays a major role in making capacitors. It has an excellent high capacitance, even in a small volume, making it ideal for shrinking electric devices or creating extra room for larger speaker and processors. You can find this element in PS3’s, laptops, mobile or cell phones, hard drives, and DVD players.

Tantalum is also perfect for creating the surface acoustic wave filters which are used in televisions and mobile phones for improving the audio quality. In fact, an average mobile phone has 40mg of Tantalum inside. Other uses of this element includes components in rectifiers and electron tubes and an addition to alloys for aerospace materials.

As for medical applications, Tantalum capacitors are known to have low failure rates. This means that it has an ideal use in several medical pieces of equipment, such as hearing aids and pacemakers. Since Tantalum cannot be harmed by bodily fluids and doesn’t irritate the human flesh, it can be an excellent metal for creating knee, hip, and any other orthopedic implants.

Recycling Scrap Tantalum

Did you know that according to current extraction rates, there is only an estimated less than 50 years left for the Tantalum resources? Meaning, there is a need for increased scrap Tantalum recycling.

If you are environmentally conscious, the good news is it’s possible to recycle any type of Tantalum scrap. At Oryx Metal we provide scrap Tantalum recycling services that includes Tantalum capacitor scrap, Tantalum pure scrap, Tantalum sputtering target scrap, Tantalum turnings scrap and Tantalum sludge scrap. Tantalum recycling is very effective in ensuring that there will be no disruption in Tantalum resources considering that many electronic devices and other industries rely on this valuable metal.

Additional details about the purchasing and recycling of Tantalum Scrap materials with Oryx Metals:

  • Oryx purchases all forms of Tantalum scrap and Ta contained material worldwide for recycling.

  • We pay the best prices in the industry for Tantalum and Ta contained material. We close deals quickly and offer the best terms in the industry.

  • For Tantalum Scrap and Ta contained material where the Ta percentage is unknown we will require a sample to determine the percentage of Tantalum contained. After analysis, we will offer a purchase price based on the Ta contained for the entire load or individual lot.

  • Oryx arranges all logistics involved from getting the tantalum scrap material from your location to ours.


To obtain pricing for your recyclable Tantalum scrap materials please contact our Commercial Team at:



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