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Scrap Jet Engine Recycling with Oryx Metals

End-of-life (EoL) aircraft take up a lot of space if they are not recycled or parted out. Often, the retired planes sit parked in aircraft graveyards or on the tarmacs of second-tier airports the world over –degrading slowly from the effects of the environment for the former while also collecting parking fees for the later.

Cost wise it’s not always worth recycling or parting out an EoL aircraft – depends on where the aircraft is situated, whether it is air-worthy, what’s the make and model and what the current supply/demand situation is for its parts etc. However, one thing that always make sense is to recycle the unserviceable jet (turbine) engines.

Jet Engines are Built to Last

Jet (turbine) engines are composed of a variety of nickel, cobalt and titanium alloys. They’re built to be extremely sturdy due to their use and they are not easy to disassemble. Therefore, separating these engines into their individual recyclable materials requires specialty knowledge and technique.

At Oryx, we understand the importance and difficult nature required in dismantling retired scrap jet engines – collecting, tearing-down, sorting, and processing the engine parts and materials into usable feed-stock for the smelting industry.

When you compare the recycling of jet engines with extracting virgin materials, recycling lowers the consumption of natural resources, prevents soil, water, and air contamination, and reduces energy demands. All the metal parts and components from a scrap jet engine can be recycled if processed correctly.

Scrap RB211-22B Jet Egine being sent for recycling.
Loading an RB211-22B for transport to the U.S.

We Purchase Scrap Jet Engines Globally

We know what we are talking about, as we are the largest buyer and recycler of scrap jet engines worldwide. In fact, we have bought engines on every continent, except Antarctica, including countries such as the UAE, Thailand, Angola, Spain, Canada and of course the U.S.

We have the equipment and resources required to dismantle engines, and the logistics needed to move engines to our US facility. We recycle jet engines from all manufacturers including Rolls Royce, General Electric, Pratt Whitney and CMF International, tearing-down turbine engine models such as RB211, JT8D, JT9D, CF6, CFM56 etc. You can rely on Oryx to fully and properly recycle your scrap jet engines, as we have a strong positive reputation, regularly working with Scrap Dealers, MRO Facilities, and some of the largest Airlines in the world.

Jet Engine Recycling – Why It Is Important

While most turbine (jet) engines are recycled around the 30-year mark, you cannot use age as a gauge for recycling. Some jet engines may be recycled sooner, and some later. A lot depends on the operating environment, cycles (take-offs and landings), type of load (pax vs. cargo) and the overall quality of maintenance performed during the life of the turbine.

In addition, other factors can contribute to EoL decisions, namely the following:

  • Fuel efficiency and pricing

  • Updates to aviation regulations

  • Total operational costs

  • Depreciation

  • Technical obsolescence

Our company recycles all jet turbine engines regardless of age and guarantees proper mutilation methods are followed and adhered to. At Oryx, we guarantee that all parts and components we receive will be recycled 100% and no part or component will reenter the marketplace. We pride ourselves on our commitment and we even offer an individual Certificate of Destruction for each load of jet engines we receive that guarantees all materials (engines, parts, and all components) were fully recycled as per proper recycling industry requirements.

Why Choose Oryx Metals

We’ve been recycling scrap jet engines around the world for over 15 years. We literally wrote the book on sourcing, shipping and recycling scrap jet engines from around the globe. In our short decade and a half existence, we have worked with over 50 countries and have recycled 1000’s of scrap jet engines successfully. View our scrap jet engine gallery here

You can feel confident that the unserviceable jet engines you currently have in storage or hanging on a parked aircraft collecting dust will be fully recycled following the latest in mutilation guidelines.


For further information about recycling your scrap jet engines with Oryx please contact us at the below email. Engine photos, makes and location information will help us get a pricing quote back to you quicker.


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