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All About Recycling Germanium Scrap

If you are among those people who paid less attention to chemical elements or was not interested in the periodic table, this is your chance to get familiar with one of those elements - Germanium. Like any other chemical elements, Germanium plays an essential role in your day-to-day life activities without knowing it.

It’s true that most people are not familiar with different elements of the periodic table. However, if you are curious about Germanium or even recycling scrap Germanium, here are a few essential things you need to know:

What is Germanium?

Germanium is categorized as a metalloid, which is an element characterized by both metals and non-metals. Pure germanium is considered to be lustrous, hard, and gray-white in color. It has similar physical and chemical properties as silicon and has a diamond-like crystalline structure.

Interestingly, it has high resistance to acids and alkalies except for nitric acid. There are 9 radioactive Germanium isotopes but Germanium is stable in water and air. It is a largely used metalloid in manufacturing and production.

What Are the Uses of Germanium?

Germanium is used in the production and manufacturing of semiconductors, which consumes 15% of the Germanium supply. This metalloid has an important role in manufacturing fiber optic systems and is also utilized for making specialized glass-clad single-crystal that can be used in different military applications.

Since Germanium is an excellent semiconductor, it is primarily used in integrated circuits and transistors. One of the most interesting characteristics of this element is that it can form many compounds. For example, Germanium oxide can be added to glass to increase refraction index of the glass - which can then be used in wide-angle lenses as well as infrared devices. Detectors with pure germanium have the ability to detect radiation resources in a more precise manner.

Germanium Resources

When compared to Lead and Tin, Germanium is considered to be less abundant. Germanium is hard to access due to the geological processes where there are only small amounts of it in the minerals where it's found. To ensure that there will be enough resources in the future, recycling scrap Germanium is extremely helpful.

Recycling Scrap Germanium

If you worry about the availability of Germanium resources for future generations, recycling scrap Germanium materials can be done. Germanium can be recycled in many forms, including Germanium solids, Germanium optics, Germanium lenses, Germanium solar panels, Germanium sputtering targets, Germanium fiber optic waste, and other industrial wastes containing Germanium.

At Oryx Metals we purchase and recycle scrap Germanium materials. Take advantage of the current Germanium market and turn your Germanium scrap into cash. There you have it! For sure, you are now more aware of the importance of Germanium, especially if you are using products or equipment that use this element.

If you are conscious about the environment and our depleting natural resources, you can contribute to recycling scrap Germanium materials with Oryx Metals – give us a call today!

Additional details about the purchasing and recycling of Germanium Scrap materials with Oryx Metals:

  • Oryx purchases all forms of Germanium scrap and Ge contained material worldwide for recycling.

  • We pay the best prices in the industry for Germanium and Ge contained material. We close deals quickly and offer the best terms in the industry.

  • For Germanium Scrap and Ge contained material where the Ge percentage is unknown we will require a sample to determine the percentage of Germanium contained. After analysis, we will offer a purchase price based on the Ge contained for the entire load or individual lot.

  • Oryx arranges all logistics involved from getting the germanium scrap material from your location to ours.


To obtain pricing for your recyclable Germanium scrap materials please contact our Commercial Team at:



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