Jet Engine Recyclers

Oryx purchases Scrap Jet Engines from all corners of the Globe. 

Oryx Metals

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Recycle Your Scrap Jet Engines, Minor, & Refractory Metals

Oryx Metals is an international recycling company dedicated to sourcing and processing scrap (unserviceable) jet engines, turbine engine parts, aviation-related alloys, and minor and refractory metals.

Our focus is on recycling special metals, high-temperature alloys, minor metals, and scrap jet engines. We work hard to service the aerospace, power generation, defense and nuclear power industries with our strong background in metal processing and application engineering.

Oryx offers competitive pricing, fair terms, adequate and detailed settlements, and has global reach into international markets.

We provide full logistical services, including import and export, and this service has made us a worldwide market leader in aviation metals recycling. Oryx Metals actively pursues long-lasting relationships with suppliers and customers by providing a quality service built upon integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

Why Oryx Metals?
  1. Experience - With over 15 years of experience and thousands of successful recycling jobs, we have the unique tools, qualifications, and track record to get the job done right.

  2. Worldwide - No matter where you are, our team can travel to you to purchase and transport your scrap jet engines to ensure safe recycling and destruction.

  3. Thorough Inspections - Our team travels to you to conduct intensive, standards-compliant inspections of all scrap jet engine components to ensure you get paid the best possible price.

  4. Guaranteed destruction - We ensure that no part of your jet engine will ever appear on the resale market. Click here to learn more. 

  5. Great Customer Relations - We build long-term working relationships with our customers and vendors, valuing care, honesty, and incredible service above all else.